Carl Cox will reopen Space Ibiza

Carl Cox will reopen Space Ibiza : a news that is making noise since a few days.

In an interview with Be-At TV, the King was talking about his strong relation with the legendary club which has been closed since 2016 and replaced by Hï Ibiza. He said that old team of Space Ibiza and himself are working on the re-opening of the club in a new place and under the same name.

Find below this incredible interview with Carl Cox.


The last party at Space Ibiza – October 2016


« We have the idea of bringing Space Ibiza back next year for maybe an opening party and a closing party, but apart from that we are actually looking for a new area to build a new Space Ibiza somewhere on the island. »

“I’m going to bring it back in the near or the distant future. I mean, I’ve lost my home and I need to build a new one.” 


Space Ibiza was built as an independent club in Playa d’en Bossa. Playa d’en Bossa only became Playa d’en Bossa because of Space Ibiza. The new Space Ibiza doesn’t actually have to be on Playa d’en Bossa. Obviously, we need some place where it’s a little bit quiet. There is no way I’m going to build a Space Ibiza next to Ushuaia Beach Club or anything.”

“We will go to a completely new place with a new concept. But the idea is to have the same people who made Space Ibiza and have people who want to support me in my quest to create a new Space Ibiza back on the island.”

Carl Cox will reopen Space Ibiza

« It definitely won’t be next year. But 2020 sounds fantastic to me. »


Carl Cox and Space Ibiza : the legends of Ibiza

The nightlife world is boiling in the face of this news. However, is it possible to find back the real Space Ibiza in another place?