Ibiza in October

Ibiza in October is the last chance to visit the island and enjoy the last moments before the arrival of winter.

The month is divided into two parts with the first that we will call the end of the season. Unlike the months of July and August, the temperatures are much less stifling and it is therefore more pleasant to walk around. The temperature of the sea is still very hot and the long days at the beach are still enjoyable.


Benefit from an all-inclusive holiday in Ibiza in October, flights and hotel rates are more affordable than those of high season. There are generally fewer people on the island at this time and so prices decrease in bars, restaurants and even clubs.

On the other hand, all activities on the island are still possible in early October, such as jet ski, pool party, jeep safari, … About the culture, the island hosts early October some festivals with among others the Japan Week, the Burlesque festival and the festival of lights.

The major events of October are of course the closing parties of the clubs. After several closing parties at the end of September, it is the turn of the clubs themselves to close their doors for the winter.


The island then empties very quickly and a large majority of tourist establishments close. However, the sun will still be there, even though overall the weather will cool down, it will always be around 20 degrees.

This will be the ideal time to consider a wellness holiday in Ibiza, many retreats are organized at the end of October. You can also walk in the land during organized hikes or on the sea during paddle tours for example. The island falls asleep and resources itself for the new season to come.