Cala Vadella

Location: 10mn from San Jose

Services: restaurants, bars, showers, sunbeds, parasols, handicap access, pedal boats, lifeguards and a diving school

Size: 275 m length, 30-70 m wide

Description: With breathtaking views down to the picturesque bay of Cala Vadella surrounded by pine hills, the wide coastline has white sandy slopes that gently enter into shallow waters close to the shore – good for fun and games with the children. There’s always a spot to be found on this expansive beach even at the height of summer.

The crystal clear water is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. There are some hotels and apartments and the beach is popular with families and couples. Also, There are a good choice of restaurants, bars and shops. The sheltered bay is a popular anchoring spot for private yachts and motor boats, who often gather there to watch the romantic sunsets.

Directions: accessible by bus or by car from San Antonio or San Jose during the summer period, it is well indicated but it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to park.

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