Location: San Antonio, a 10mn walk from the city centre

Services: Near the city centre

Description: Cala des Moro is not the most beautiful beach of Ibiza but for those who must have an accommodation near San Antonio. You will be able to get there on foot and take advantage of the beautiful clear water.

Calo des Moro is on the northern edge of San Antonio and San Antonio harbour on the north coast of Ibiza. The beach is quite small, only about 40m long and 30m wide, and the waters are pretty shallow. Calo des Moro is far less popular than San Antonio Beach and therefore much quieter. It is close to numerous San Antonio hotels.

Directions : situated in the north is of San Antonio, if you follow the seaside promenade from Café Del Mar, you will directly stumble onto the beach on your way to Cala Gracio.

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