Location: Benimussa, 5mn from San Antonio
Music: House / Techno
Fun Facts: If you don’t know about the Zoo Project by now, where have you been?! Don’t worry ‘cause they’re back in full force and you’ll have to check out what it’s all about as the Zoo Project team will be hosting parties every week

The formula has proved popular and with the separation between areas where animals once roamed and a maze of paths letting you into the venue – a great outdoor party. There is an indoor area where music continues throughout the night, however; the main action is in the afternoon.

Gala Night (its former name), is located just outside San Antonio in the Benimussa Hills and naturally popular with Brits. Parties are held throughout the season with Saturday being the most popular for the Zoo Project, where you can expect clubbers to dress with an animal theme in mind. What sounds better than raving at a former zoo? 

Dj’s : TBA
Music : TBA
Presentation : TBA

Dj’s : TBA
Music : House
Presentation : New in 2018, expect lots of foam, music, inflatable toys and more! All the ingredients will be gathered to party in the middle of the day in one of the most atypical places on the island.

Dj’s : TBA
Presentation : By far one of the best clubbing experience on the island with clubbers dancing inside a former zoo every week on the best electronic sounds! People dress up like animals and nowadays body painting is pretty famous in San Antonio‘s streets before the party !

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