Ibiza Opening & Closing parties

There is no best time to come to Ibiza, it depends on what you are looking for and the reasons that bring you on the island. However, if you are part of those for whom electronic music is a passion and if you are looking for big parties, but tranquility as well, opening party holidays and closing party Ibiza are made for you.

Known worldwide, these events are spread over several days in May and October with many clubbers from around the world who arrive on the island to enjoy. The atmosphere there is unique and unusual.


From the biggest to the small clubs, to bars and restaurants, each establishment offers its opening and closing party. The party is intense on these periods and that can be understood.

After an unsustainable winter of waiting, the joy of being able to return to the temples of party is explosive. On the contrary, after spending the summer dancing, the closing parties symbolize the last chance to enjoy a maximum before a well-deserved rest.


In order to test the endurance of the most seasoned clubbers, the parties are generally longer than in normal times. The best DJs follow each other until late in the morning, or more … Find all the information about these parties on our party calendar.