Welcome to IBIZA…

Magnificent beaches, stunning night clubs and with its exclusive parties, and out of this world electronic music! Its typical Spanish restaurants, charming architecture and old “fincas” (farm houses) as well as its extravagant fashion and people, everything is gathered in the same magical place for your one life holiday experience : the island of Ibiza !

Ibiza is one of the cradles of electronic music which makes it a unique place to party and spend your holiday.

The name of this paradisiacal Balearic Island is synonymous of music and parties worldwide, the best DJs of the planet come to play every summer for four months and associate their names with this mythical place of electronic tunes.

You will discover throughout these pages which villages, and places that make up the landscape of the island, the tourist areas and those contrary which are still very rural and typical of the local culture. Remember, Ibiza is only 45km in length and 25km wide, it is thus relatively close (small) even if certain roads are less direct. However, with its steep hills and close to nature. (or close to nature or wild with nature which makes it quite romantic)

Welcome to Ibiza !



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