Whatever your expectations, from a basic holiday for low budgets travellers, to top-notch VIP stays, we are able to satisfy all your needs through our local “on the spot” network team that provide you with unique holiday packages and offers.

Our mission is not only to allow you to come to Ibiza but to also give you the means to discover all the facets of this magical island which everybody is head over heels about.

Any travel agency can sell you transport and accommodations, but once there, can you be sure that you are not missing out on the essentials, such as; what is happening, what clubs to go to and what DJ is playing? How will you know about the inescapable places to see and the best offers? Where are the best restaurants, the best parties as well as addresses to get to these fabulous places?

Many people come to Ibiza for the first time often with a pre-conceived idea of the island that is conveyed by the media. But Ibiza is not just an island, it is a culture, a way of life! It will leave with the feeling that you have “lived” a unique experience.

If you think that going to Ibiza is a once of a life experience, you can rely on our team of specialists as your IBIZA HOLIDAY begins here!