Incentive & team building in Ibiza

Incentive & team building in Ibiza : Stimulate, motivate, boost the team spirit of your employees with a customized team building program of activities in Ibiza! Combining sports, fun, festive or even cultural activities, we offer you an incentive travel in Ibiza 100% personalized.

Incentive & team building in Ibiza

Experts in organizing travels for groups, here is an example of a typical day of team building activities that we can offer you in Ibiza:

“The day will start on the beach with a draw to make the teams. The first challenge will be to move on water from point A to point B with the minimum of supplies available. Reactivity and ingenuity will be the key words in order to reach point B.

From point B, each team on their arrival will take possession of quads & buggies to go to one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza where will be served a friendly lunch by the sea.


After lunch, a second activity on the beach will put each participant back to childhood. Each team will then have to demonstrate their capacity of consultation, creativity and ability.

We will then admire one of the most iconic view of Ibiza: Es Vedra. We will take the direction of San Antonio to drop the vehicles where a bus will wait for the group.

The end of the day will take place in a more intimate venue in front of a splendid sunset. The third and last activity will be more festive and playful under the advice of a supervisor. Afterwards, the results will be announced honoring each team. »

Incentive & team building in Ibiza

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