First part of your student’s trip in Ibiza, the flights ! This will be very important to determine the final price per person for your group.

Basics to keep in mind :

Airline companies know that fridays and sundays/mondays flights will be higly demanded, that’s why prices are usually more expensive for these days especially for May an June week-ends. The sooner you book, the better for your budget.

Important : be aware that if you look at flight rates directly on the airline’s websites or on search engine, the price you will get for 1 person will always be cheaper than the average price for a group of 10,15 or more… The more you buy tickets on a flight, the higher you will pay per person.

From certain cities, there might not be direct flights everyday. Thanks to our perfect knowledge and networks, we will be able to find you the best options.


When is the best time to come in Ibiza for a group of students ?

– Most of the hotels open around May 1st and close in the middle of October
– Pacha nightclub is open all year fridays and saturdays then everyday starting May 1st.
– Other major venues, clubs, beachclubs, bars… open during the first weeks of May.
– Temperatures can be very nice in April, you can definitely sunbath and swim in the beginning of May.

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